Our Board has a deep commitment to our values, mission and vision.

We are fortunate to have a Board of Directors that not only bears the ultimate responsibility for setting policy and holding fiduciary responsibility for our agency, but does so out of deep commitment to the mission, values and vision of our Association. ICYDA staff is grateful for their leadership and their investment of time, expertise and resources.

Current Board


Roisin McCabe, M.A 


Alexina Dalgetty, MFA

Harmail Natt, Electrical Engineer

Patrick Twin, BA


Michael Ho, M.Sc., O.T. M.B.A.


David Anli, P.Eng., M.B.A.


Cory Chan, Tax Laywer


Nikolai Linden, BA
Joe Cloutier, PhD.



Board Roles

  • Our volunteer board organizes its activities and priorities around the vision and mission of our association.

  • All board members have a shared understanding of the theory of change, leverage and scale that we use to meet our mission.

  • Our board engages in strategic planning, evaluation planning, and resource development to serve as our core strategy. These plans are routinely referenced and we measure progress against the plans and adapt our strategies to emergent opportunities.

  • Our board assembles and maintains relationships with a strong network of volunteer advisers, paid service providers, consultants, and peer colleagues in the community to provide operational and programs support to help us stay on the leading edge of management and service.

Are You Interested in Serving?

To learn more about the many ways you can participate in the present and future direction of our association, please contact us