Edmonton's Inner City High School: Celebrating 25 Years

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Since 1993, we have operated a senior academic and arts based high school in Edmonton, Alberta. Inner City High School is accredited by Alberta Education and graduates of the school are equipped to attend Alberta colleges and universities. The purpose of the school is to provide opportunities for youth to earn a high school diploma, develop skills that can lead to full-time employment and prevent their return to a life on the street. We offer a flexible but structured environment with small classes that average between 4 and 12 students, with small group learning and one-on-one support.  

Reports & Policies

Education Results & 3 Year Plan

Safe & Caring Policies

Our Board of Directors and staff are committed to providing a safe, caring, respectful, inclusive, equitable and welcoming learning environment for our community and students. 

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Are you interested in completing your high school diploma? Need a bit of extra support (e.g., food, transportation assistance, student financing and housing referrals)?  Do you prefer a school with small classes and extra educational supports? Are you between the ages of 15 – 19 years old? Enjoy art, music and drama? Sports?

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