Youth Support

The Youth Support Program is the foundation of our programming and provides youth with basic needs such as multi-literacy programs, living skills, food, transportation, school supplies, and the tools, attitudes, and resources needed to change lives. Counseling to repair damaged lives, meals to feed the hungry, transportation when needed, and other preventative programming — all fall under the Youth Support umbrella. In this program one-to-one and small group counselling are part of the introduction process. Issues of literacy, attitude, self-discipline, attendance, respect, non-violence, trust, and cooperation are addressed in part 1 and 2 of the introductory package. Extra support is often required and provided to deal with lifestyle issues. Many youth require financial referrals and others face the ever present problem of homelessness. Our Youth in Action program, our Outreach program, and our Negan Tapeh program fall under the Youth Support umbrella. To learn more about our Youth Support programl, please contact us