The Krishan C. Joshee Promise Fund
A Legacy of Peace Through Education


One of Krishan’s last wishes was that his family continue to work with the Gandhi Foundation and with Inner City High. As a long time supporter of the school, Krishan believed that Inner City provided education from a philosophy of peace, educating young people who live in poverty. For this reason, Krishan’s family and friends established the Krishan C. Joshee Promise Fund, a fund that is used to support students as they work to achieve their academic goals.  

“Through Inner City’s programming, Krishan’s work for peace and social justice continues.”

We believe that the conditions for real learning mean providing Inner City High School students—who in many cases live in desperate conditions— with breakfast, a nutritious hot lunch five days a week, and supper three times a week. We also have a school food bank, provide transportation, clothing, counselling and other forms of emotional support. We make referrals for housing, have a court worker and advocate for the youth in legal matters.

Your donation to the fund ensures our promise to Krishan is fulfilled.

Krishan’s Promise 
To Help the School

The School’s Promise 
To Support the Students

The Students’ Promise 
To Better Their Lives

How do we fulfill Krishan’s Wish?
By providing an education based on a philosophy of peace.

How do the students keep their Promise?
By continuing to build a peaceful life and a peaceful community.

How do we keep our Promise to the students?
By providing the conditions for real learning.