We offer Edmonton's marginalized youth the support and programming they need to move off the street & build skills. 

“From basic literacy to bus ticket, our programs provide youth with the resources, tools and attitudes they need to move from life on the street to high school completion and beyond.”

For over twenty five years, Inner City has provided Edmonton’s marginalized youth with formal education combined with arts and long-term support for housing, financial referrals and other emergency services. We use the term 'marginalized youth' to describe young adults who live on the margins of society and who are at risk of not completing high school or becoming involved in criminal activity.  Those that we serve often require continuous maintenance by society's social system. Our work attempts to break that cycle.


Edmonton's Inner City High School: Celebrating 25 Years

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  See the   High School gallery   for more pictures.

See the High School gallery for more pictures.

Since 1993, we have operated a senior academic and arts based high school in Edmonton. Inner City High School is accredited by Alberta Education and graduates of the school are equipped to attend Alberta colleges and universities. The purpose of the school is to provide opportunities for youth to earn a high school diploma, develop skills that can lead to full-time employment, and prevent their return to a life on the street. We offer a flexible but structured environment with small classes that average between 4 and 12 students, with small group learning and one-on-one support.  


Click for our Combined Education Results Report and Three Year Plan (PDF) 

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Popular Theatre

Early on, we recognized that self-expression in various art forms such as Popular Theatre was valuable for our students. Many youth in our theatre programs use the self expressive power of Popular Theatre to analyze and voice social issues that impact their lives. These issues often included violence, abuse, addictions, prostitution, and racism. We have presented stories to and interacted with over 7,000 people, presenting shows at remote reserves, drug and alcohol treatment centers, education conferences, the University of Alberta and other venues. To learn more about our Popular Theatre programming, please contact us

Youth Engagement Program

The Youth Engagement Program* is the foundation of our programming and provides youth with basic needs such as multi-literacy programs, living skills, food, transportation, school supplies, and the tools, attitudes, and resources needed to change lives. Counseling to repair damaged lives, meals to feed the hungry, transportation when needed, and other preventative programming — all fall under the Youth Engagement umbrella. In this program one-to-one and small group counselling are part of the introduction process. Issues of literacy, attitude, self-discipline, attendance, respect, non-violence, trust, and cooperation are addressed in part 1 and 2 of the introductory package. Extra support is often required and provided to deal with lifestyle issues. Many youth require financial referrals and others face the ever present problem of homelessness. Our Youth in Action program, our Outreach program, and our Negan Tapeh program fall under the Youth Engagement umbrella. To learn more about our Youth Engagement Program, please contact us

* Formerly the Youth Support Program.

Evening Outreach

Our Outreach Program offers exciting arts based and recreational programming for youth under the age of twenty. The program runs between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Supper is provided every evening. Here you can make your own beats, record rhymes and burn them to CD or get one-to-one guitar lessons. For those interested in visual arts, digital cameras and webcams are available to capture photos and manipulate them or make your own graphic novel using basic comic creator software. Other activities include basketball games, trips to city sports facilities and other field trips (e.g., movie theatre, art gallery, comic book stores). Finally, homework assistance and internet access are always available.

Negan Tapeh

Negan Tapeh means looking towards the future in Cree. This program was established to address the problems faced by Aboriginal and Metis youth as they struggle to break the cycle of poverty and desperation that colours many of their lives. The long-term nature of this program has made it a success. The problems faced by the youth who come to Inner City Youth Development Programs are a result of their early socialization and have developed as a response to their environment. These problems have deep roots and are not addressed in a series of workshops via drop-in programs. To learn more about our Negan Tapeh program, please contact us