About Our 2015-2016 Annual Report

At a time when many youth are being pushed into poverty,  our Edmonton staff, supporters and volunteers are working tirelessly to create positive change.  Through our direct work and campaigning, we help young people who have serious and complex problems to thrive.

Read about these developments, and find our financial accounts in our most recent Annual Report and Financial Statements.

About Our Programming

Our programming has evolved and adapted in a direction that the youth have pointed us. The issues that emerge in our work with youth are problems for our society. When youth fall through the cracks, and are unable to participate in our society in constructive and meaningful ways they do so in destructive ways. The low literacy rate among inmates in our jails is well known. The lack of skills, unemployment, and poverty, create a dependent population. When desperation becomes part of this tragedy, abuse and criminal activity are often the result. The result for society is a great loss of human potential and the creation of a dependent population; thereby, incurring enormous financial and social costs for the community. Our programming facilitates the transition of inner city and other high risk youth into contributing members of society.